Okayama University is significantly up-grading its international profile: International Visit of a Top Delegation from University of TURIN, Italy

(Slide show of the visit is in the end of the text).

Okayama University is now firmly anchored in a strong process to reach an internationally recognised global profile, a main thrust in the field of Excellence. Putting Research at the core of the development strategy is a major effort expected to significantly increase visibility and prestige of the University in all fields of activities.

       Within this frame, Okayama University has been developing over 5 years strengthened collaboration strategies with prominent International Universities over the world. In Europe in particular, connections with Italy, France and Ireland have been giving rise to a number of large scale joint research projects.

       In Italy strongest connections are with Turin, Milano Bicocca, Ancona Universities. In case of Turin University, to explore and pathways to develop the collaborations, a number of visits, meetings and discussions on both sites have already taken place. They gave rise to prominent outcomes and further improvements are sought from both sides.

       On May-11th-2019, a Delegation from Turin University led by Prof. G. Ajani, Rector, was welcomed by Okayama University at the Shikata Campus in the J-Fukutake Hall. The J-Fukutake Hall building was designed by the reknown architecture SANAA firm, based in Tokyo.

       To open discussions and meeting, Prof. Y. Nasu, Executive Vice-President of Research, head of the Okayama University Delegation behalf of President H. Makino, delivered a short welcome and opening address. He emphasized Okayama University orientation to Excellence. This search includes connections with prestigious Academic Institutions and he reminded in particular a few of the prestigious scientists and writers who graduated at Turin University: Erasmus as early as 1506, Avogadro (Chemistry), Primo Levi and Umberto Eco in the field of Literature.

       Prof. Ajani then gave a brief description of main features of Turin University, putting emphasis on the commitment of his university on expansion to East and Far-East, Japan being a major focus in the strategy. Professor L. Operti reported about all actions and development that both Universities carried out in the last 5 years.

       Then a series of short presentations was performed: large scale joint research projects like (Europe) BE-ARCHAEO (bearchaeo.com) and proposals: HEAT (see Program) were briefly described. Along the discussions, agreement was found on increasing mutual efforts upon:

  • Large scale research projects (MSCA-RISE) supported by the European Commission
  • ERASMUS grants to favour high-level mobilities for Master and PhD students, Staff and Faculty members
  • Supporting Visiting Professors/Scientists programs
  • Students Exchanges in both ways and in particular encouraging talented students to participate in the new I-Ma-C education program run at Okayama University: a multidisciplinary Educational course in the field of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science (the latter to be implemen ted in the 2020 session).

Slide show of the visit