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** Humanities-N-2

Posted: June
Topics: Sciences of Education
Title: Upholding the Idea of the University in Times of Changing Higher Education

Journal: (Japanese title:『社会環境論究』) – Studies on Social Environments (ISSN 1883-0234) Vol. 12 pp.1 – 24, 2020.

Main results: Abstract: The nature or “raison d’être” of higher education lies in teaching, learning, and research. Today, however, the purpose of higher education is a contentious issue. The university’s commercial turn has not only under- mined the authenticity of higher education, but has also begun to dis- solve the academics’ ‘corporative consciousness.’ It will take wise academic leadership to restore the authenticity of higher education and the autonomy and spontaneity of the educative and scholarly community in the current university setting. The paper finds the idea of the university—as it has developed from ancient Greece through modern Germany to today—is vital to restoring the authenticity of higher education.

Keywords: the idea of the university, authenticity, the purposes of higher education, commercialization of higher education, academic identity

Ref/DOI: Humanities-N-2