Get started!!!

A – To apply :

Min. 3 months, period dates are open

a – Fill out the form in the « Contact » section of this web site. This will be the first step… contact

b – CV and Cover Letter preparation

They should be organised along a few main lines – (PDF File to come)

c – Application : once a first contact has been made the applicant will be in connection with a member of Okayama university in charge of the Internship program

B – Main fields of research – Up to 100 topics (1 page description each) are available –and will be sent to the applicant :

a – Solid state Pysics

b – Chemistry

c – Material sciences

d – Biology — Medical

e – Plant science

f – Engineering – all sectors


C – Support :

The support offered to the applicant depends strongly on the host Faculty/host Research Group – To be discussed once first contact is made

NB: as the number of supported internship periods is limited, the acceptance is done following a “first arrived – first served” rule.