From 2021, Okayama University is partnering in CMB-INFLATE – A 4 years European MSCA-RISE project — Accepted for Funding – (Early January-2021)

(CMB-INFLATE will contribute further understanding of the origins of Universe and more specifically the still poorly known physics of the INFLATION phase)

     CMB-INFLATE acceptance for EU funding is excellent for Okayama University, as Pr. Ishino’s group will have for 4 years from 2021, the opportunity to welcome a number of high level scientists from European partners (Norway, Italy, France). Mobilities are all supported by European Commission funding. A total of 43 months of Mobility (TO Ishino’s group) is attached to the project (the total CMB-INFLATE funded Mobility is 248 months so about 16% for Oka-Dai). Project funding: about 1 億えん).

Professional communication specialists will take care of the Web sites: those platforms will be quite suitable to further promote abroad the image of excellence of Okayama University.

     This funding gives Prof. Ishino’s  group the opportunity to accelerate his research activities for the development of novel data analysis methods to measure the CMB polarization with an unprecedent accuracy (an order of nK) by modeling the instruments precisely and mitigating systematic effects. The analysis techniques developed in CMB-INFLATE can be applied not only to LiteBIRD but also to any future CMB measurements.

     All those stays will contribute a strong momentum to further apply to more specific funding agencies and help building a long term ultimate project: the “Okayama Data Center” designed to collect LITEBIRD signals (After LITEBIRD satellite launch – planned in 2027).

     In the CMB-INFLATE Japanese partnership, Okayama University is playing a major role: this also confirms the capability of the University to return to the road of success and to reach a recognized international profile.