Large Scale Programs

I. Strategy

Strengthening skills in International Research Projects Engineering

A major condition to improve and strengthen a University international profile is to strengthen skills in Research project Engineering. In particular projects clearly oriented to International collaborations.

Okayama University URA division has been working on that matter for several years and those efforts are now resulting in significant achievements: a number of International Consortiums (supported mainly by EU funding are now Running or Submitted or in Preparation – RSP).

Those projects are mainly of RISE-MSCA type and allow various institutions to participate. In particular for Japanese Institutions (third parties) the logistics of commitment is quite light: this a major asset.

In those projects a partnership of Excellence – including for a large part institutions ranked in the 200 best in the world – is set-up. A RISE rule states that the consortium should be coordinated by a European institution.

 Okayama University is a comprehensive Institution. It is now committed in RSP projects in the fields of:

  • Archaeology and archaeometry
    Coordinated by University of Turin – TURIN – Italy
  • Cosmology
    Proposed coordinator: Diderot University – PARIS – France
  • Materials sciences – Thermoelectricity
    Proposed coordinator: Milano Bicocca University – MILAN – Italy
  • CAREFUEL – New Low carbon print renewable fuels – Disruptive catalysts for methanol production –
    Proposed coordinator: -CEA – France
  • Advanced drug delivery systems relying on sugar vectors
    Proposed coordinator: Strasbourg University – IMS – France
  • Security – Resilience of Societies to natural disasters
    Proposed coordinator: DS Tech – Italy
  • Medical : a world wide initiative to renovate BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy)
    Proposed coordinator : DGBNCT – ESSEN – Germany — Professor W. Sauerwein

For the viewers interested in participating and / or proposing partnership in international consortiums- in any field of knowledge


II. Examples


Over 4 Years (up to 2023), this European MSCA-RISE program will offer a few hundred mobility periods mainly TO Japan (Okayama University and Shimane Prefecture).