Participations of Okayama University in large scale research and education international networks supported by the European Commission

Globalisation at Okayama University is versatile and has been granted in recent past with National supports provided within the frames of “Research University” and “Top Global University” program.

Okayama University has also been developing for several years global prestigious partnerships supported by the European Commission via ERASMUS and MSCA (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action) programs.

  • In the field of MSCA, Okayama University has been participating in several networks such as BEAM, EASED or MaMaSELF.
  • MSCA-RISE programs are also implemented at Okayama University: if  formal success to RISE networks applications are still pending, the panel of RISE proposals where Okayama University is invited to be a prominent partner is expanding.

Recently further programs thrusting Okayama University further into partnerships of Excellence were proposed.

ERASMUS Committee at Okayama University

In 2017, to further develop its ERASMUS strategy Okayama University has implemented an ERASMUS Committee in charge of:

a – Preparing all ERASMUS proposals in coordination with the international partners

b – Implementing ERASMUS programs at Okayama University

c – Launch CALLS for application to ERASMUS grants

d – Organise Selection sessions and propose ERASMUS laureates from Okayama University

ERASMUS (European supports) Partnerships at Okayama University

1 – ERASMUS-ICM coordinated by UPMC – Japanese partners: Tokyo University and Okayama University

Grants for Master, Ph-D students and Staff and Faculty members (4 OUT- and 4 IN-bound)

From 2018 the ICM-fellowships are progressively implemented. The MASTER level grant is an Educational type fellowship and will be in particular implemented at Okayama University in the frame of a new International Master Course. The 1st edition of the Master Course will take place from April 2019.

2 – 2021: ERASMUS-ICM : coordinated by Université Savoie-Mont-Blanc –

A total of 7 grants (IN and OUT-bound). The programs covers 2021 and 2022.