HESPRI – Elevating Higher-Education policies: an empowering SPRIngboard – The “Humanities” in the spotlight at Okayama University: after BE-ARCHAEO, a second MSCA-Staff-Exchange project is supported by the European Commission.

The current world of higher education (HE) has been shaped by two forces: the humanistic traditions of university governance and the neo-liberal reforms of the past thirty years.

With its successes and discontents, this hybrid system faces major crises that affect its ability to respond to the needs of society: the tension between traditional and neo-liberal academic values; the biased evaluation and assessment of quality in higher education; the ineffectiveness determined by the distorted measurements of scientific achievements and other factors; the recent digital transformations of the universities facing the pandemic.

Prof. Dr. Dong Kwang KIM from the Institute of Global Human Resource Development at Okayama University worked with the URA division to address those challenges. Read more