Professor Larry YOUNG from Emory University (Atlanta GA, USA) and Tsukuba University will be at Okayama University in late March-2019

Professor L. YOUNG has been hosted by Pr. Hideaki TAKEUCHI from the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology.

During his stay at Okayama University Pr. Larry YOUNG had a series of discussions and meetings to plan future collaborative research.

On March 28th he gave a URA International Seminar in the “trendy” Fukutake Hall on Shikata Campus of the University.

This series of seminars welcome prestigious speakers around the world. Recent URA International Seminar speakers are:

Dr. J-L. HODEAU from Grenoble – France – (January – 2018)

Pr. S. MULLER – Strasbourg – France – (October-2018)

Pr. M. ZOBEL – Bayreuth – Germany – (Nov-2017)

At Okayama University, Pr. Larry YOUNG’s schedule was focused on two hot topics: Academic

and more oriented to Local Japan discovery in Fukiya village.