Research Internship of Excellence at Okayama University: Interview of a French student from ESISAR (Grenoble-InP group) during the Corona pandemia.

     For more than 6 years Okayama University has been implementing a full strategy of International research oriented to Excellence.

     One of the strategy pillars is a program of invitation for research internship focused on International Master students more specifically coming from western countries. As it is very flexible, interdisciplinary and target a high-level of proficiency, students are very keen at the Research Internship program.

     Over 5 years from 2015, more than 100 students came from Europe and more specifically from France. For the season 2020 around 50 students were expected but most of them sadly canceled their projects when Corona pandemic started. Some of them could nevertheless stay, complying with the safety rules implemented by the university.

     Jacques Thomas is a Master student at ESISAR (from the Grenoble-InP group in France), an Engineering School educating and training students in the field of embarked systems (electronics, automatics and softwares). He arrived at Okayama University in early March 2020. He is telling us about the main features of his internship supervised by Pr. Z. Yucel from the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology.