Professor Wolfgang SAUERWEIN was invited as a Specially Appointed Professor at the Neutron Therapy Research Center (NTRC) of Okayama University (Feb. 19th – April 17th, 2020)

Professor Wolfgang Sauerwein has been known as an international expert of BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) for nearly 40 years. He is now President of the German Society for BNCT (GS:BNCT), a Scientific Society promoting BNCT, located in Essen – Germany. He has been in connection with Okayama University and the NTRC (Neutron Therapy research Center, Professors Ichikawa and Furuya) for a few years and he recently spent 2 months (4th time) at Okayama University as a Special Appointed Professor. 

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