Professor Eliano DIANA from Torino University visited Okayama University from June 27th to June 29th

Professor Diana visited Okayama University from Tuesday June 27th to Thursday June 29th -2017.

He was welcomed by Professors N. Matsumoto and I. Niiro from the Archaeological Dept. of the Faculty of Letters and by the URA Division. His visit was the second one following a visit of an italian Delegation (Torino University and INRIAE – Naples -) in February 2016. This time, his main goal was to meet Okayama University scientists to strengthen the preparation of the H2020 – BE-ARCHAEO proposal currently under evaluation by the EU Commission.

Professor E. DIANA is giving a talk at the
“EUROPE” event on June 27th.
BE-ARCHAEO (BEyonfd ARCHAEOlogy) is a 3 year multidiscplinary RISE project aiming at combining simultaneous scientic analysis and excavation in the Tottori, Shimane and Okayama prefecture. The ultimate goal is to define a new archeometry methodolgy to strengthen origin and dating of archaeology remains to improve the understanding of social evolutions among Jomon, Yayoi and Kofun period populations.

On his first day at Okayama University, Prof. Diana gave a talk at the “EUROPE” event organised at Okayama University – He presented the guidelines of BE-ARCHAEO.

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Professor’s Diana seminar leaflet (PDF).

Futher details of the visit are available here (PDF).