SAKU (FY-2018): 4th edition of a support program for young talented researchers at Okayama University


The SAKU program is a multiannual support program  to provide strategic support to young talented researchers. The aim is to help them to enhance their research potential and expertise domestically and globally. A 8 (2 sites) or 10 days (3) financial support is provided for networking purposes only. This program is open to those who wish to increase their international research profile by building connections with foreign researchers from prestigious institutions preferably located in North America and Europe.

Including the 5 Laureates of the FY-2018 edition, it is now 19 young researchers from Okayama University who were offered support from the University since FY-2015. They all visited prestigious Universities and Research Centers in Europe or North America and started new connections. As a result, via the new connections, the number of joint research projects and co-authored papers is gradually increasing.

For the FY-2018 the 5 laureates were issued from Biology, Materials Science and Humanities sectors. And they will visit Singapore and the USA (Stanford, Berkeley universities for instance).

Testimonies of their mission will appear in this web site later in 2019 a few weeks after their return (max: the last day of March, end of the fiscal year, a crucial period in Japan.)