FY-2019: “110” : Nice fiscal year for European Master level Students at Okayama University !!

From FY-2016, the number of European students (MASTER level) undergoing a research training period at Okayama University is increasing gradually and drastically: in the FY-2019 season, the 100 th students will be welcomed. The Internship minimum duration is 3 months and there is virtually … no upper time limit.

The fields where students like to apply are mainly Materials Science, Computer Science and Modelling, Physics, and Sciences related with Medecine and Biology.

A few of the students target Ecology and plant related research.

These internships are enjoyed by the students – most of them tightly selected at their original University upon their scientific skills and their ability to adjust themselves to Japanese culture. The results are excellent and their exposure to Japanese culture is quite significant and useful. Some of them wish to come again for longer period and possibly start a PhD course.

The internships are also periods of personal enrichment for the supervising professors and Japanese students in the host groups. The coexistence during internships is a very strong encouragement to go abroad. Recent experiences of Japanese students who could successfully get a ERASMUS-ICM grant (FY-2018) to go to European universities show how efficiently they can benefit from their stay abroad specifically in Europe.

The Research Internship at Okayama University: a win-win process quickly growing !

A good way to turn Okayama University into a more Western oriented University and more global than ever.