Professor Larry YOUNG from Emory University (Atlanta GA, USA) and Tsukuba University will be at Okayama University in late March-2019

Professor L. YOUNG will be hosted by Pr. Hideaki TAKEUCHI from the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology.

During his stay at Okayama University Pr. Larry YOUNG will have a series of discussions and meetings to plan future collaborative research.

On March 28th he will give a URA International Seminar in the “trendy” Fukutake Hall on Shikata Campus of the University.

This series of seminars welcome prestigious speakers around the world. Recent URA International Seminar speakers are:

Dr. J-L. HODEAU from Grenoble – France – (January – 2018)

Pr. S. MULLER – Strasbourg – France – (October-2018)

Pr. M. ZOBEL – Bayreuth – Germany – (Nov-2017)