Exploration of Novel Energy Materials at Okayama University

Seminar – “Materials for Energy” – Thursday 20th of February at Tsushima Campus (Okayama University)

On Thursday 20th of February, a Seminar entitled “Exploration of Novel Energy Materials” was held at Okayama University. It was organised by the RIIS (Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences” of Okayama University and chaired by Professor Nohara, an expert in the field of superconducting and thermoelectric materials.

Professor M. Baricco from University of Turin in Italy  gave a talk as Special Guest Speaker.

In the last 5 years University of Turin has gradually become a major International partner of Okayama University and now several European projects or proposals are jointly developed. The “Exploration of Novel Energy Materials” is connected with the joint commitment of Okayama University and Turin University in a MSCA-RISE European project focused on the fascinating field of Thermoelectric Materials.