Initiating international professional careers at Okayama University: a trilogy

Sustainable collaborations, high-level research in exciting fields gradually transform Okayama University into a springboard for high potential futures … 3 examples of success stories.

Benoît from Poitiers – France: when he was a kid, “Princess Mononoke” triggered his eco-friendly interest in Japanese research. He got his Ph-D in September 2020 in the group of Pr. Nishina and recently moved to Yokohama National University for a P-Doc period. In the group of Pr. Naoki Yabuuchi.
Research Topics: “Towards new composite materials (graphene + Li- Metal oxide) to improve performances of next generation Li-ion batteries” – More

Sohail, – from Lower Dir and Malakand – Pakistan: after Master graduation in Malakand University in 2017, started at Okayama University, a 3 years Ph-D with support of Pr. Nishina’s group. In 2019 got an ERASMUS support for a 3 months period at Sorbonne University as well. Sohail also worked as a volunteer to rescue distressed people on the Soja site, a small town next to Okayama city, devastated by the terrible flooding of summer 2018. – More

Olivier, Toulouse – France: in his childhood, Kanji fascination, Origami, Karate and attractiveness of Japanese high-level research, boosted him to come to Japan after Ph-D graduation at Toulouse University in 2018 – France. Nowdays, he is strongly involved in Bio-Materials research and investigations of disruptive drug delivery systems for precise medecine. His host at Okayama University is the group of Pr. Imamura. In September 2020, he submitted an application to Europe/Japan Marie-Curie program. – More.