Okayama University achieves new successes in international research – II

II – Institut du Medicament de Strasbourg – IMSOkayama University is the Japanese partner of this International institute.

Thanks to a recognized fundamental research activity and well-established national and international networks, IMS aims at developing finalized projects from the entire Strasbourg scientific community, ranging from in silico studies to setting up of preclinical studies, the creation of intellectual property, legal aspects, the setting up of industrial partnerships and the creation of companies. The field of interest is focused on small molecules and peptides for therapy, diagnosis and related technologies (more here).

IMS kick-off: to account for the Covid sanitary conditions of January-2021, a preliminary IMS kick-off meeting was held in “On-Line” mode. On January 27th – 2021 in Strasbourg.

      At the on-line kick-off meeting Pr. Y. Nasu VP of research at Okayama University, delivered a greetings address (see * below). He promoted Okayama University as one of the 12 leading Universities in Japan, as a University where Research is a major driving force of its global development. Also strongly committed in the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals program issued from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). As a SDG leading university in Japan, it naturally promotes research programs oriented to society well-being with specific focus on Health where it has a very strong Health sector. The Hospital offers in particular internationally superior level of medical care environment, undertaking state-of-the-art development with specific orientation to robot-assisted surgery.

      The IMS objectives are thus perfectly in line with Okayama University strategy and are superior interests for the University. Okayama University is delighted to be the Japanese partner of the Institute and above all partnering with prestigious other institutions in France, Germany, Switzerland and Quebec (Canada).

      To conclude Pr. Y. Nasu wished a brilliant future to IMS in the field of advanced medical drugs that will also contribute significantly to SDGs.

Pr. B. Chenevier also gave an address where he mainly summarized the joint research projects already running between Okayama University and IMS.

* ZOOM Meeting (Pwd: Z$5NSg^h)