Okayama University achieves new successes in international research – III

Extension and sustainability of Agreements with major Universities around the world – Oka-Dai Mentioned as a privileged partner.

2020 and 2021 is a period of renewal for a range of Memorandum of Understanding at Okayama University

      As joint research projects and mobilities (including ERASMUS) are on the rise, major Universities around the world to extend MoU and Students Exchange Agreements for another 5 years from 2020 or 2021: Sorbonne University (France), Torino University (Italy), INRS in Canada, Strasbourg University and Grenoble Alps University (France)….This will greatly help to consolidate sustainable partnerships…. Sustainability: a key-word at Okayama University where SDGs are major concerns.

Sorbonne University puts Okayama University in its short list of privileged partners.