November-22nd-2021 — Kick-Off of CMB-INFLATE: investigating ultra-early stages of the Universe

The European Commission accepted the CMB-INFLATE for funding on early January-2021. At the 1st submission attempt.

CMB-INFLATE is a project dedicated to Universe Science and more specifically to the understanding of the ultra-early stages of Universe creation.
After completion of the EU administration process, the world-wide consortium decided to have a project Kick-Off on 2021-Nov-22nd, including Opening greetings from the EU Commission

Dr. Pierrick Fillon-Ashida, Policy Officer at the DG Research and Innovation – European Commission — gave a very warm address. He specifically noticed the quality of CMB-INFLATE prestigious consortium that goes much beyond European borders.

He also highlighted the attractiveness of the MSCA Staff Exchange: its remarkable flexibility and its openness to non academic Institutions, offering for instance invaluable opportunity for Start-up companies to promote their activities and products in outstanding environments.

And finally Pierrick Fillon-Ashida wished a warm destiny to CMB-INFLATE during the 4 years duration of the project.

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