Advances in Superconductivity as a road to meet Energy and Health SDGs: joint Japanese and European research teams may take the lead

The attached paper (to appear in the “Okayama University Bulletin”, Okayama University Press in March 2022) shows that Japan leadership has been strong in the field of Superconductivity over the past 20 years, in terms of researchers publications and patents. It also emphasizes the Japanese normalized contribution, significantly dominating among major world level players, although some trend towards a diminished leadership is observed in the data over the period 2005 – present time. Finally, based on their internationally recognized expertises in the field, joint Japanese and European research teams may take the lead for advancing superconductivity on a reliable road to meet Energy and Health SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals – UNESCO 2015).

To meet global expectations from International institutions and mitigating climate change, clean environment, global peace, financial growth, and future development of the world require new materials such as Superconducting materials that can be huge hope carriers. High Temperature Superconductors are potentially keys in the suite of technologies that can help facilitate grid modernization and increase energy security. 

In the field of future Health System development more specifically oriented to ageing societies, leveraging cutting-edge quantum detectors to design light and portable MRI machines working at ultra-low magnetic fields for 1/5th of the cost. MRI’s are non-invasive and provide high-quality images, is a very strong social request. And non-invasive and high-quality images providers such as MRI’s yet remain scarce. Magnetic field homogeneity and stability provided by superconducting magnets are essential to achieve the resolution, precision, and speed required for high precision clinical imaging. Such magnetic fields would lead to unprecedented advances in a number of brain diseases such as Alzeimer’s disease, cerebral thromboses, etc.