Dr. Alain Wagner (CNRS and Strasbourg University) recently added strong momentum to the Okayama University / UNISTRA partnership.

In the frame of a long-term partnership between Okayama and Strasbourg (UNISTRA) Universities, Dr. A. Wagner stayed for 2 weeks from Nov-7th at Okayama where he had a tight agenda:

In addition, he had a range of unformal meetings and discussions with researchers, in particular to set up preliminary conditions of IP sharing for joint start-up projects. As one of the outcomes of the visit, a business trip (before end of the 2022 FY) of an Okayama University delegation to Strasbourg is planned to concretely initiate and launch the joint TECH-TRANSFER collaboration in the field of “Solid anti bodies”. In addition to already existing strong links, this would lay in the field of TECH TRANSFER, the foundations of a pioneering long-term joint initiative as several other TECH-TRANS projects are planned.