The search for the mysterious “Dark Matter”: Jing tells us about his experience between China, Japan (Okayama) and France (SU)

WANG Jing — Okayama University – Quantum Universe Division- PhD 1st year.

Internship at the LPNHE – Sorbonne University- Science (LPNHE: Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et de Hautes Energies —-

– 4 months internship, from September to December, 2022 

One of the important purposes of my stay in Sorbonne University (SU) was to work under the guidance of the researcher in charge of the XENON collaboration group at LPNHE, Dr. L. Scotto Lavina. In the field of dark matter exploration, the XENON Experiment is undoubtedly the world leader. They use liquid xenon as the target to search for dark matter, and their experimental devices have very high sensitivity. At the LPNHE I was trained about their research progress and particular experimental methods, which were also very helpful for my experiments in Okayama ….. read more