About Bernard CHENEVIER


A performing approach to contribute in developing International research in Japanese Universities:

The Humboldtian model – Humboldtisches Bildungsideal

A concept of academic education that emerged in the early 19th century and whose core idea is a holistic combination of research and studies. The Humboldtian Model integrates the arts and sciences with research to achieve both comprehensive general learning and cultural knowledge. Johns Hopkins University (USA) for instance is built on the Humboldtian model of higher education and is thus strongly dedicated to research


1. CNRS researcher for 30 years – Director of Research for 15 years

My field : Structural Physics – Materials Sciences

2. Director of a Research Unit (LMGP : 130 members)

– Grenoble

3. Experience as Research Manager

** Large Scale International Research Consortiums
** Staff career development
** International environment – MINATEC
** Joint Research Unit : in France a great majority of laboratories are joint units – Several types of scientists in the same lab.

4. First contact with Japan :

1990 – 2 year P-Doc at NRIM, an ancestor of NIMS – Tsukuba –

5. Okayama University from April 2014

URA : University Research Administrator

My mission : Develop Research at the International and improve the International ranking of Okayama University

A – Create large scale research consortiums where Okayama University is a prominent partner

B – Connect the University to best Universities in the world – mainly Europe

B – 1 –  Many trips abroad to promote Okayama University Research

B – 2 –  Start specific program at O-U to help young talented researchers to visit prestigious foreign Universities to promote their research and O-U as well (SAKU – 咲く)

C – As an International profile implies a strong involvment in Student Mobility:

C – 1 – Invite International students to come to Okayama University for a few months of Research Internship – 16 in 2016, 30 in 2017….

C – 2 –  Give lectures about Globalisation of Education, Research

C – 3 –  Help Okayama University students to join International Universities